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WWe are one of the most comprehensive event planning companies in Michigan. We are a boutique team of Michigan wedding planners serving Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Petoskey, Detroit.

Ann Travis Events

Comprehensive event planning




I.e. “ The Creative Visionary”

Owner, creative director

Ann is the head creative visionary who personalizes the look of every event to your specific style. Her wedding design work has been featured in Metro Detroit Weddings, Wedding Chicks, and Ruffled Wedding Blog.

Ann grew up in the events world. As a child, she was intrigued by looking over her mom’s shoulder while at their family flower shop. But, it wasn’t just the pretty stems that caught Ann’s eye. She was intrigued by all the aspects of the process with her mom’s clients — from reading through floral design recipes to analyzing orders and budgets. Ultimately, Ann’s interest in this pairing led her to focus on an education and career in mixed media art and corporate event planning. The multi-layered approach to her wedding art form and the expansive scale of the events in her repertoire have informed every part of the Ann Travis Events experience. As the lead designer and founder, Ann directs the vision, is intricately involved in every step of the planning process, and oversees the associate planners. The fresh way Ann approaches everything—from color to trends to the planning flow of meetings—ensures that each planning experience is handled with great attention to detail. Ann takes a hands-on approach to the look of your wedding, creating live previews of your day-of details and tablescapes that you can touch and feel. Ann’s extensive planning and design process ensure that your wedding is comprehensively prepared for and meticulously crafted.

Ann is from Southeast Michigan, is an occasional-burger-eating vegetarian and lives with her partner Kurtis, their German Shepherd, and two Cockapoos. When Kurtis and Ann are not busy planning events, you can most often find them drinking Moscow Mules by the the lake. With a background in planning large fundraising events, the thing that makes Ann most proud is giving a percentage of proceeds each year to the philanthropy of her choice.



Meet the team

We think it’s important to have multiple people planning your event to protect your wedding design and plan.


Our team has access to all your documents, has been looped in throughout planning in staff meetings, and knows your entire wedding from top to bottom.



Social, prepared, & detailed


I.e. “Master of all Trades”


Kurtis serves as your culinary advisor, budget manager, venue liaison, and groomsmen escort. Kurtis brings unique qualifications to your event with his extensive experience in hospitality, culinary, IT, and financial advising.

  • 100% social: Kurtis has an amazing way of making friends quickly. As Ann’s partner, Ann and Kurtis truly get to double date with you as a couple during the planning process, which allows the opportunity for your wedding to be a direct reflection of you.

  • 100% prepared and detailed: Kurtis’ expertise in culinary means that even the composition of the food on your plate is taken into consideration in your design process. With his detail-oriented nature, you can rest assured knowing there will be zero stones left unturned on your wedding day.



& fun


I.e. “The Executor of Vision”

Floral specialist

Ginnie provides wedding floral design exclusively for Ann Travis Events. She’s mom to Ann and owns a family floral shop that’s been in their family for four generations.

  • Extremely qualified: She’ll create your florals with exquisite skill & knowledge. She’s one of the best in the business. She has three decades of experience in the floral industry. Ann and Ginnie have an incredible working relationship as visionary and executor, which allows the floral design to uniquely come to life for your wedding in a way that’s very specifically ic to the rest of your wedding design.

  • Especially fun: She’ll make you laugh and make you feel at ease right away. She knows a thing about making you feel welcome and how to have a good time — after all, she’s thrown more than 250 dinner parties!



Together &


I.e. “Spreadsheet & Styling Goddess”


Ashley assists in facilitating meetings, creating proposals, pulling inspiration, and negotiating on your behalf. Ashley’s background is in event planning and advertising.

  • Has it together: Ashley is the gal with the perfectly curated Instagram feed who can also make even the dullest of spreadsheets beautiful. She’s got a way of styling up your wedding day details and making sure everything is perfectly in place.

  • Always smiling: Ashley is always making connections. She’s super sweet and will put everyone in your bridal party at ease right away! Her enthusiasm for you and your wedding is genuine and overflows from her authentic love of people and planning.



We bring on setup and teardown crews, graphic designers, and additional floral team members as needed

We comprehensively execute your affair.